Combat TipsEdit

Boxing and Melee Technique - Xervidius

  • Run up and smack the zombie, they will either stumble or proceed to swing (fat zombies). If they are a fat zombie, keep your distance, they don't stumble easily, make your swings during their recovery.
  • If they stumble, jog back a little and stand still to recover a bit of stamina, you'll need every bit of it. When the zombie starts at you, wind up and close in and whack them. Repeat as necessary.
  • "Vid URL"

Spearman's Delight - Xervidius

  • Aim and toss two spears of your choice into the chest or head, then whip out your backpack axe and chop a few facial expressions off and you're golden.

Gunman's Murderholes - Xervidius

  • Find a small building with easy window access. Keep the doors shut! Use the windows as murder holes after getting the zombies attention. Note: Sometimes you can shoot their face as the head occasionally break the walls plane.
  • Special Note - Using this technique at a military base is a fast and easy way to clear hordes safely, just stay out of the view of the sentries.


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