The M1 Grand is a .30 caliber, 8-shot clip, rifle designed in 1928 used among the U.S. forces heavily during WW2.


You cannot reload the M1 until the clip is empty. Therefore you should make sure to count your shots so you can keep track of when you can reload.


The M1 Grand's only compatible scope does not help with aiming at all. Unlike any other scope in the game, it is simply a metal tube blocking your vision. You get no zoom factor from using it so it is rather worthless.

The M1 is compatible with a holographic site.

The M1 is the only gun that you cant reload while it has ammo left in it.

The M1 is the only gun that cant be chambered in any way.

Attachments Edit

Name Description
M1 Scope
M1 Flash Hider
M1 Supressor
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