Small Skewer with Meat Edit

Small Skewer with Meat is a cookable item. Edit

Description Edit

"Small Skewer that can hold up to 3 pieces of meat"

Usage Edit

Meat Edit

x3 of the same combination needed

Bear Steak, Chicken Meat, Deer Steak, Dog Steak, Donkey Steak, Duck Meat, Goat Steak, Goose Meat, Horse Steak, Human Sausage, Human Steak, Pheasant Meat, Pork Steak, Rabbit Meat, Rat Meat, Rodent Meat, Sausages, Sheep Steak, Smoked Bear Steak, Smoked Bird Meat, Smoked Boar Steak, Smoked Cat Steak, Smoked Chicken Meat, Smoked Deer Steak, Smoked Dog Steak, Smoked Duck Meat, Smoked Goat Steak, Smoked Goose Meat, Smoked Human Sausage, Smoked Human Steak, Smoked Pheasant Meat, Smoked Pork Steak, Smoked Rabbit Meat, Smoked Rat Meat, Smoked Rodent Meat, Smoked Sausages, Smoked Sheep Steak, Smoked Veal Steak, Veal Steak, Wolf Steak, Puppet Meat

Tool Edit

x1 Long Wooden Stick

Cooking Fats: Edit

x1 of either combination

Vegetable Oil, Fat

Salt: Edit

x1 of any combination

Sea Salt (Cylinder), Sea Salt (Box)

Spices: Edit

x1 of any combination

Spices Mix (New Tin), Spices Mix (rusted tin)

Can be used With: Edit

Fire Ring, Grill, Portable Gas Stove, Improvised Fireplace


  • Can be crafted with Puppet Meat and cooked with no ill ailments or side effects, for an easy source of protein early game.

Cooking Skill earned for specific crafted Food Edit

It does not seem to matter if you use special (optional) ingredients or not. The points you earn for your skill won't be higher if you use them.

Food Points for crafting once
Small Skewer with Sausages 50
Small Skewer with Meat 50
Skewer with Sausages 75
Skewer with Meat 75
Rice 75
Cooked Vegtables 125
Popcorn 125
Pastry 75
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